2014 - Les is pleased to announce he is joining the cast of Coronation Street. Look out for some great storylines.

2013 - After a successful run in Spamalot, Les toured the UK in Peter James' play The Perfect Murder.

2012- Les took in his new stage play JIGSY to the Edinburgh Festival.

"Les Dennis plays Jigsy, a comic veteran of the Liverpool working men's clubs in 1997, their dying days.

He plays a man full of wry reflection, great jokes and an honest eye for the soul. Whether talking about comic greats, Liverpudlians’ good humour or harder and sadder times, Jigsy has you with him every step of the way.

Writer Tony Steveacre, director Hannah Chissick and Les Dennis have created such a magnetic character that you can't look away for a second. The wit is winning, the timing immaculate, Harriet de Winton's set design is so effective I can still smell the fug and stick to the floor.

To see an audience so lit up by a show and a creative team so modestly chuffed by their well-deserved standing ovation is a delight. I’ve not laughed so heartily nor been so carefully touched by a show for ages. If you miss it here, make sure you catch it when it goes national, as it surely must."

Review by Gill Kirk - What's On Stage.com

Visit the dedicated site: http://www.jigsylive.com/


Look out for Les in a new Feature Film called 'Wounded'. Directed by Joseph Baker and Tom Large, this powerful film has now won an award at London's Independent Film Festival 2012 after already scooping top prize at last year's Marbella Film Festival. More details at http://www.wounded-film.com/